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Evan Honer Tips His Hat To Shenandoah With “Two Dozen Roses” Cover

Evan Honer country music

An all-time classic. Is it just me, or do you love seeing younger artists cover classic country music tracks? Evan Honer is a name you need to know, who is rapidly growing his fanbase. While he might be considered a new kid on the block, he knows the roots of his genre and is tipping his hat to Shenandoah by covering "Two Dozen Roses." Honer, accompanied by a guitar and a fiddle player, sat down to deliver a stellar acoustic version of the hit song from 1989. If you like Honer's cover of "Jersey Giant," you'll love this cover as well. Something about the way Honer delivers his vocals is comforting and makes you feel as though you are listening to a close friend sing. His fiddle player breaks down the bridge of the song flawlessly, capturing that '90s flair that makes the song such a classic. Evan Honer knocked this one out of the park. Hopefully, it will become a staple in his setlists... talk about a way to get the crowd singing along with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvAFuO-Axe8

Tanner Usrey Covers Koe Wetzel’s “Love” Ahead Of ‘Damn Near Normal Tour’

Tanner Usrey country music

Tanner Usrey laying down a Koe Wetzel cover. Leading up to Tanner Usrey hitting the road with Koe Wetzel, Tanner is getting into the touring spirit by jamming out to "Love." If you know anything about Koe's catalog, you know that this duet with Parker McCollum is one of the best sad country songs out there...which makes us oh so incredibly happy. The duet with the two Texas natives hit you where it hurts, and with Tanner Usrey being a sad song connoisseur himself, it makes for a perfect cover choice. Hanging out in his bedroom, Tanner pulled out his guitar and recorded a little snippet of him singing the song. "Was it an accident When a broken heart and a bullet mark is all that she left? To ask if I give a damn, should be out of the question Don't ask me no question 'cause I don't love you Selfish don't love nobody And I can't love you like you should be loved." Tanner belts out the words as he strums his acoustic, drilling the sad words into your head as they leave his lips. As someone who personally loves "Love," and Tanner's sound, this is a match made in heaven for my ears. I hope that Koe pulls Tanner out on stage to sing this one while they are boppin' around on the road together. Talk about a helluva treat for the crowd if that happens. https://www.instagram.com/p/C51qXvvPpyj/ While I'd die to see clips of these two performing "Love" together, Koe's recent Instagram caption would also lend itself to a one-of-a-kind show. "Playing nothing but 80’s Billy Joel covers in California this week, y’all come catch a show and drink some cold pop with us." I know he is kidding, but now the idea is in my head and I'd LIVE to see Koe cover some Billy Joel. Fire up a little "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me." https://www.instagram.com/p/C539LEMPbdt/

Damn Near Normal World Tour Dates:

July 27 The Woodlands, Texas || Cynthia Woods Pavilion* Aug. 7 Missoula, Mont. || Big Sky Brewing Company Amphitheater* Aug. 8 Nampa, Idaho || Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater (feat. Kolby Cooper, Kat Hasty) Aug. 9 Sandy, Utah || Sandy Amphitheater (feat. Kolby Cooper, Kat Hasty) Aug. 10 Las Vegas, Nev. || The Theater at Virgin Hotel Hotels Las Vegas (feat. Kolby Cooper, Kat Hasty) Aug. 15 Minneapolis, Minn. || The Armory (feat. Kolby Cooper, Kat Hasty) Aug. 16 Council Bluffs, Iowa || Stir Cove (Harrah’s Casino)* Aug. 21 Cleveland, Ohio || Jacobs Pavilion (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 22 Columbus, Ohio || KEMBA Live! Outdoor (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 23 Pittsburgh, Pa. || Stage AE (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 24 Washington, D.C. || The Anthem* (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 28 Boston, Mass. || Roadrunner (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 29 Uncasville, Conn. || Mohegan Sun Arena* (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 30 Atlantic City, N.J. || Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Aug. 31 Reading, Pa. || Santander Arena (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Dylan Wheeler) Sept. 4 Charleston, W.V. || Charleston Coliseum (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Sept. 5 Roanoke, Va. || Berglund Center (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Sept. 6 Columbia, S.C. || Colonial Life Arena (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Sept. 7 Cary, N.C. || Koka Booth Amphitheatre (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Sept. 12 Kansas City, Kan. || Azura Amphitheater (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Kat Hasty) Sept. 13 Camdenton, Mo. || Ozarks Amphitheater* Sept. 18 St. Louis, Mo. || Chaifetz Arena (feat. Kolby Cooper, Dylan Wheeler) Sept. 20 Huntsville, Ala. || The Orion Amphitheater (feat. Kolby Cooper, Dylan Wheeler) Sept. 21 Macon, Ga. || Atrium Health Amphitheater (feat. Kolby Cooper, Dylan Wheeler) Sept. 25 Alexandria, La. || Rapides Parish Coliseum (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Sept. 26 Tuscaloosa, Ala. || Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater* Sept. 27 Nashville, Tenn. || Ascend Amphitheater* Sept. 28 Little Rock, Ark. || First Security Amphitheater (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Oct. 3 Pikeville, Ky. || Appalachian Wireless Arena (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Oct. 4 Indianapolis, Ind. || Everwise Amphitheater at White River State Park* Oct. 5 Evansville, Ind. || Ford Center (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Tanner Usrey) Oct. 10 Abilene, Texas || Expo Center of Taylor County (feat. Kolby Cooper, Kolton Moore & the Clever Few) Oct. 11 Lubbock, Texas || Cooks Garage (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Kolton Moore & the Clever Few) Oct. 13 Morrison, Colo. || Red Rocks Amphitheatre (feat. Treaty Oak Revival, Kolton Moore & the Clever Few) Oct. 26 Manchester, U.K. || Academy 3* Oct. 27 London, U.K. || The Garage* Oct. 30 Glasgow, U.K. || Oran Mor* Oct. 31 Birmingham, U.K. || Academy 2* Nov. 1 Leeds, U.K. || Brudenell Social Club* Nov.3 Amsterdam, Netherlands || Melkweg (Oude Zaal)* Nov. 5 Hamburg, Germany || Bahnhof Pauli* Nov. 6 Berlin, Germany || Frannz Club* Nov. 7 Cologne, Germany || Club Volta* Nov. 10 Stockholm, Sweden || Nalen* Nov. 11 Oslo, Norway || Rockefeller Music Hall* Nov. 13 Copenhagen, Denmark || Lille Vega* * No Whiskey Riff presale

Viral “That Motherf**ker Is Not Real” Plane Lady Tiffany Gomas Once Again Sets The Internet On Fire Posing In A Bikini For Ultra Right Beer

Tiffany Gomas

Tiffany Gomas has once again taken over the internet. You may not remember her name, but you definitely remember seeing the viral video of Gomas delivering a bizarre but passionate warning to her fellow passengers on an American Airlines flight as she rushed to get off the plane: “You can say whatever you want, I’m telling you I’m getting the f*ck off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*ck off. Everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don’t give two f*cks. But I am telling you right now, that motherf*cker back there is not real. And you can sit on this plane and you can f*cking die with them or not. I’m not going to.”
@knuckleslawncare #drunkonaplane ♬ original sound - Juan Franqui
The official police report claims that the incident was the result over Gomas losing her AirPods. And she also revealed that she doesn’t regret getting off the plane: “I was distressed, and I was getting off the plane no matter what. I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made. But I was getting off that plane. For sure.” And she has also claimed that it was just "an expression of speech" when she claimed that "that motherf*cker" was not real: “The reason I probably haven’t come out yet, because it’s so cringe, I did not see anything... It was an expression of speech.” But anyway, regardless of what she did or didn't see, that's not why we're here today. That's just some backstory to remind you that Gomas was responsible for one of the most viral moments on the internet back in 2023. And it looks like she's going for another viral moment in 2024 - but this one's on her own terms, and has nothing to do with an airplane. Gomas posted a picture to Twitter (or X, whatever) sporting a red, white and blue bikini branded with the logo of Ultra Right Beer, the conservative beer company that was founded by Seth Weathers in response to the Bud Light controversy last year and immediately took off among those on the right. https://twitter.com/Tiffany_Gomas/status/1780724078250209537 And once again, our girl Tiff is going insanely viral, with the tweet having already racked up 2 million views and nearly 24,000 likes in just the three hours since it's been posted. https://twitter.com/johnsketchers/status/1780760012119285975 https://twitter.com/_misfitpatriot_/status/1780743440973664581 https://twitter.com/TheSonofSean/status/1780745606882791709 https://twitter.com/theunclemunchie/status/1780727676497752212 Gotta say, she's making the most of her viral fame.

Utah Bull Elk Faceplants Trying To Jump A Fence To Chase A Cow

Elk trips and falls

Eye on the prize, don’t lose focus, buddy. This lad certainly knew what he wanted, it just so happened that paying attention might have helped get him to her faster. Elk, deer and the various deer-family species are pretty cool to watch, especially when it comes to the rut. They just act so different, and much more aggressive with only one thing on their minds. Just like a frat boy at the bars, they're looking to meet women, and they're even willing to fight over them. I mean, can you imagine if humans only got a short period of time once a year to be able to mate? It would be a few weeks of pure anarchy... This bull elk out in Utah was on a mission to get some when he came across a fence. We’ve seen animals struggle to jump over things before but there’s just something hilarious about a big ol' bull chasing a cow and running into something. This bull jumps the fence, gets tangled up, and does a full front flip on the other side. Without missing a beat his eyes are back on the prize and he’s off as if nothing happened. According to the man filming, the bull just carried on, in full pursuit: "This big guy was so focused on chasing a cow elk, he didn’t notice Biologist Brian Maxfield in his truck nearby, or the fence. The bull continued chasing the cow, acting like nothing happened. Way to recover, buddy." I’ve seen this one before, the hard wipe out, and then play it off cool to make sure the lady is still into it... happens to the best of us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGLBhkBZZXw However, not all are this lucky...

Bull Elk Misses Jump Over Fence

What a sad sight to see. Something so gorgeous just absolutely eating it and paying the ultimate price for a simple miscalculation… This is as crazy as it gets, one of those moments you can’t believe you happened to catch on video. You’re filming something spectacular but fairly common in that of an elk herd running across the countryside when the completely unexpected happens. Elk are amazing animals, though, which is why this is so heartbreaking. They can weigh up over 1000-pounds, have antlers like no other and are widely known as the tastiest wild animal around. I mean, if you've ever bitten into a tender elk backstrap, you know just how magnificent these beasts are. Their bugle is world-renowned in the outdoors world... one of the coolest noises you can hear in the woods. A herd of elk is shown running across the fields of what appears to be the American West, perhaps Colorado, Wyoming or Montana. After a bunch of cows make the jump over a fence in pans over to a nice bull running full tilt towards it. The bull gets to the fence and makes a fairly pathetic jump. It’s back legs get hung up as he is flung forward flipping over. To make matters worse his antlers get lodged into the ground causing his neck to bend very awkwardly. Utter shock at what we just witnessed... The elk lays on its back kicking for its life, it kicks and kicks but doesn’t get flipped over. Very quickly it slows its movements down. The initial “he just broke his neck” thoughts are spot on here. The video ends showing a close-up picture of this gorgeous 6x7 bull that had an extremely unfortunate end to its life. I mean, what a painful and humbling reminder of how fragile life can be. You evade hunters, vehicles, predators, starvation, climate... everything that can kill an elk, only to get hung up on a fence, trip, and die. The tragedy of life on full display. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA7lbBv-pYs

Bison Herd Gores Elk Calf Trying To Hide From Wolf

When it comes to wildlife videos, we typically see a number of creatures fight over their prey in an effort to claim dinner for the night. However, what we rarely see is two opposing creatures helping another out, and that's exactly what we see here in this video. In this footage from National Geographic, we see a wolf stalking an elk calf in Yellowstone National Park. Out of nowhere, the elk notices a group of bison roaming nearby, and runs over to the group to seek refuge, knowing that they're herbivores and pose no threat. However, things take a turn real quick when it's easy to see that the bison are tired of the elk's presence in the group, and one turns and gores the elk outside of the herd. Next thing you know, the herd of bison gang up on the lone elk, and end up killing it. Of course, with bison being herbivores they eat only grass, weeds, and plants, so they no longer have a use for the dead elk. The wolf, who watched the wild event unfold from a distance, then takes her opportunity to feed off the dead elk. Needless to say, it was the wolf's lucky day, as the video states that wolves can eat up to 20 pounds of meat per sitting, and she has it all to herself. It truly does almost appear as if the herd of bison were doing a favor for the onlooking wolf, and it's pretty amazing to watch this unfold up close and personal. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qyfEXrn-cg

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John Prine Co-Wrote David Allan Coe’s Hit “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” But Didn’t Want His Name On The Credits

John Prine

Why would you not want your name on the perfect country and western song? David Allan Coe's hit "You Never Even Called Me By My Name" is a classic. And pretty much everybody knows the story behind it because, well, he tell us in the song: "Well a friend of mine named Steve Goodman wrote that song, and he told me it was the perfect country and western song. I wrote him back a letter and I told him it was not the perfect country and western song, because he hadn't said anything at all about mama, or trains, or trucks, or prison, or getting drunk. Well he sat down and wrote another verse to the song and he sent it to me, and after reading it, I realized my friend had written the perfect country and western song." (I tried to write that out from memory without looking up the song. Got pretty close before I had to cheat). But it turns out that wasn't the full story behind the song, because Goodman actually had a co-writer on the song: The late, great John Prine. Prine and Goodman wrote the song back in 1971, when they were staying in a hotel room together and Prine got back to the room after a night of partying while Goodman stayed behind to write. As Prine explained: "I looked over his shoulder and the words were, 'It was all that I could do to keep from crying, sometimes it seemed so useless to remain.' And I was feeling pretty good, so I jumped up on the bed and acted like I had an imaginary fiddle and I said, 'You don't have to call me darlin', darlin', but you never even call me by my name.' So Steve and I started laughing and we just decided to have some fun with it." And he also said that by the time, they were pretty messed up on a "special cocktail punch" that they mixed up using pretty much everything in the hotel room's bar. Well the result was a song that Prine didn't exactly want to put his name on, because he thought it was more of a "novelty song" and was worried that it would "offend the country music community." Goodman decided to release the song himself, but it didn't become a hit until David Allan Coe released his version in 1975. Though Prine wasn't credited as a songwriter, Goodman made sure that he was still paid for his work (despite Prine refusing to accept any royalties from the song): Goodman used part of his royalties to buy Prine a 1942 Wurlitzer jukebox, which his family later donated to the Country Music Hall of Fame after he passed away. So there you have it: The undeniable proof that John Prine wrote the perfect country and western song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgwUJbtG_ls