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Shane Smith & The Saints Drop “Adeline” Music Video Ahead Of ‘Norther’ Album Release

Shane Smith & The Saints Country Music

The anticipation is palpable as the March 1 release date for Shane Smith & the Saints' next record inches closer and closer. Consisting of 13 tracks, Norther will be the band's first studio album release in nearly five years, following their acclaimed 2019 record Hail Mary. Beginning with the release of "Hummingbird" in June 2022, the Austin, TX based outfit has slowly released six singles leading up to the album, and as a final release for fans prior to the full project, they just dropped a brand new music video for the record's fourth single "Adeline." Released this past November, "Adeline" is a hard-driving love song as the narrator reminisces on a past romance and desperately laments the situation in which he finds himself in the present. If the rest of Norther is even half this good, we're in for a treat. Check out the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec9JuIeY2SM Quite a bit has changed for Shane Smith & the Saints since the release of Hail Mary, with their fan base having grown significantly as a result of all of the hard work they've put in over the years honing their sound and grinding on the road. They've also reaped the benefits of a well-timed feature of their hit song "All I See Is You" in Yellowstone's season 4 before the whole band appeared live in Season 5 to perform a few songs at an event on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, providing a welcomed boost in their streaming numbers and introducing their criminally under appreciated music to a larger audience. Now, with the release of Norther looming imminently, this is sure to be the biggest album yet for the five-piece Texas country outfit, and could be just what it takes to catapult them into the country music superstardom they deserve. If you haven't been keeping up with the singles Shane Smith & the Saints have released thus far, then take a look at the Norther tracklist below, and feast your ears upon the greatness that these guys have created.

Norther Tracklist:

"Book of Joe" "Fire in the Sky" "Adeline" "The Greys Between" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoKa6osWBWI "Navajo Weather" "Field of Heather" "Wheels" "All the Way" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1YQh_aUoW4 "Hummingbird" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hla6A_07d40 "1,000 Wild Horses" "It's Been a While" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nheJ_V-akvA "Everything and More" "Fire in the Ocean" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcdUnhqfBWY Shane Smith & the Saints are comprised of frontman and main songwriter Shane Smith, fiddle player Bennett Brown, guitar slinger Dustin Schaefer, Zach Stover on drums, and bassist Chase Satterwhite. Together, the band has built a strong reputation for themselves over the past decade-plus through their high energy live show and emotion-evoking music. If they're coming to a city near you any time soon, you're not going to want to miss an opportunity to see them live.

Tour Dates

3/1 - Extra Innings Festival - Tempe, AZ 3/3 - Waterloo Records - Austin, TX 3/8 - Choctaw Grand Theater - Durant, OK 3/24 - The Caverns - Pelham, TN 3/26 - Grand Ole Opry- Nashville, TN 3/30 - Outlaws & Legends - Abilene, TX 4/5 - Hogs for the Cause - New Orleans, LA 4/6 - Schoepf's BBQ - Belton, TX 4/7 - 57 South Music Festival - Eagle Pass, TX 4/12-4/14 - Cattle Country Festival - Gonzales, TX 4/13 - Syndicate Smokedown - Fort Worth, TX 4/26 - Stagecoach - Indio, CA 5/2-5/4 - Calf Fry - Stillwater, OK 5/7 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO 5/14 - DR Koncerthuset Studie 2 - Copenhagen, Denmark 5/16 - Cloud Nine - Utrecht, Netherlands 5/17 - Highways 2024 - London, United Kingdom 5/18 - Gorilla - Manchester, United Kingdom 5/19 - Oran Mor - Glasgow, Scotland 5/30-6/2 - Gulf Coast Jam - Panama City Beach, FL 6/19 - Country Jam - Mack, CO 6/20 - Gordy's HWY 30 Music Festival - Filer, ID 7/9 - Big Sky Events Arena - Big Sky, MT 7/19 - Country Jam - Eau Claire, WI 7/19-7/21 - Faster Horses - Brooklyn, MI 8/10 - Bootheel Rodeo - Sikeston, MO 8/16-8/17 - Wheatstock Music Festival - Helix, OR 9/1 - Montana's Biggest Weekend - Dillon, MT 9/19-9/22 - Bourbon & Beyond - Louisville, KY 10/18-10/20 - Goldensky 2024 - Sacremento, CA

“People Are Going To Think It Was On Purpose” – Joshua Ray Walker Nearly Drowned Swimming Right After He Recorded “Voices”

Joshua Ray Walker country music

Joshua Ray Walker ...man, this one's heavy. Walker drew back the curtains on dark thoughts on his 2020 track, "Voices." As he has been open about fighting depression in the past, "Voices" talks about the ugly truth about being in a dark place and the suicidal ideations that sometimes fill your mind when you are in that headspace. The song is gut-wrenching and graphic, yet so beautifully heartbreaking as he details how he would consider ending his life. During a recent acoustic session, Walker opened up about the backstory or moments that he associates with songs, and "Voices," and how a life-threatening situation changed his perspective: "You know, I've struggled with depression and anxiety a lot of my life. I had just written this song when things started to take off for me and my career." While on tour with American Aquarium, right before he was about to play Gruene Hall for the first time and before heading to New Braunfels, they were in Corpus Christi, Texas, the night before. Before leaving the Texas beach town, he chose to take a swim in the ocean. He wanted to get a good swim, so he headed straight towards a buoy a good distance from the shore. Halfway out there, he felt a strong breeze and realized that a storm was rapidly rolling in. He started swimming as fast as he could toward the shore, but the choppy waves and undertow kept him from progressing toward the sandy beach. "I tread water, and I tread water and I almost don't make it back. And I'm out in the water for 90 minutes. And I know that because from the time I went out into the water to when I got back to my car, it was about two hours, and that included a 30-minute walk home, so I had to be in the water for that long."  Walker then details how he had just recorded this song and realized he had to make it so that people didn't think that "Voices" was his goodbye letter. "All I could think was, 'Oh my god, I just wrote a song about drowning myself. And people are going to think that was on purpose.' ... You know it's funny. If you are someone who has suffered from depression and you've ever had suicidal ideation in the past, being forced into a life or death situation where all of a sudden you are really fighting for yourself tooth and nail to continue living it kind of puts all that mental illness in your past and into perspective when you're really faced with it." He then goes into a stunning acoustic cover of the track, and tears nearly come to your eyes listening to the sad song after hearing that story. He delivers the twang of the lyrics with a smooth and robust tone, drawing listeners in from the start. "I might put this truck in neutral Let it roll into the lake First, I'll finish off this bottle So it looks like a mistake..." And HOLY HELL, talk about that last note. I mean, I never thought it would end - it was incredible. Joshua Ray Walker is an unreal talent in the country music space, and this one is a must-listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ6CPu16_Js

Utah Snowboarder Threatened With A Gun For Taking A Shortcut Through Private Property: “There’ll Be Holes In You”


What do you do when you get told to hit the road while you are hitting the slopes? This snowboarder wishes that's all he was told after he ran into a Utah man who apparently wasn't happy that people were using a path carved out in the snow through his property. You can tell that the man wasn't in a good mood by the way he yelled at the snowboarder, threatening him and telling him he was on private property. Am I missing something else that the Utah private property enthusiast was doing? Oh yes, that's right, he had a gun and told the snowboarder multiple times that he'd shoot him. The snowboarder was incredibly apologetic the entire time, saying it wouldn't happen again and informing the gun-wielding man that he didn't see any signs that said "Private Property." But the man, who had set up a lawn chair on the path to wait for people, wasn't accepting the flurry of apologies, and instead clapped back with this: "If you do it again, there'll be holes in you." And that right there is what those in the law field called "intent." The snowboarder assured the man that he wouldn't be doing it again, took the snowboard off his feet in record time, and walked away as fast as possible. His camera was rolling the entire time, and still was recording as he walked away and said this in complete shock: "Woah, that's a good ender. Shotgun pointed right at me. Helmet ain't going to save me from a shotgun." Wasn't a shotgun, but point stands... As the snowboarder kept moving down the path, he ran into some other people that were shredding the powder that day who also came across the man in the woods with the rifle. Luckily for them, the worst thing they had to do was console one another about what they just experienced. You can take a look at the wild video below: https://twitter.com/SLCScanner/status/1762242537207836772 Holy smokes. Someone get the name of that snowboarding and ski resort so I can make sure I never make a trip out there. Winter sports are hard enough without someone waiting in the woods ready to bust a cap in your you-know-what...

“We’ll Get To Work” – Treaty Oak Revival Promise Fans 6-Track Acoustic EP

Treaty Oak Revival

Ask, and you shall receive. Treaty Oak Revival is having a massive moment in music right now. Since they released Have A Nice Day, the West Texas natives have blown up, selling out show after show. With their raw storytelling and rowdy live performances, they create an electric Southern rock atmosphere that is hard not to love. While we know them for their grungy sound, the band took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask fans their thoughts on hearing some more stripped-back content. Naturally, since listeners can't get enough from the group right now, were over the moon to see that this was a possibility. https://twitter.com/TreatyOakMusic/status/1761620084957602149 Fans QUICKLY sounded off, giving this idea a "hell yeah." Even 49 Winchester was in the comments voting yes to this potential project. With the comment section growing like wildfire, begging the Treaty Oak boys for this project, they finally responded two days after the initial Tweet, noting that they would be getting to work. "Well shit, thanks, guys. We’ll get to work." https://twitter.com/treatyoakmusic/status/1761836680238026978?s=46&t=7KoaVRGPNj31ZHNAmf0Mcg With no timeline shared, who knows when we will see the light of it. But the promise of an acoustic EP is going to be epic. The last acoustic set the boys did was back in 2022 for PBS, after the release of their debut album, No Vacancy. While this album is still loved by fans, the group was starting to break out on the more mainstream scene at the time of this filming. I highly recommend watching this and then start thinking about which songs from No Vacancy and Have A Nice Day you'd put on your EP wish list. I could come up with hundreds of combinations I'd like to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRczDz_uZg8&t=717s

“Let The Kid Be A Kid” – LeBron James Responds To ESPN Cutting Bronny Out Of Their 2024 NBA Mock Draft

Lebron & Bronny James

LeBron James has to know that his son Bronny is going to get all sorts of attention no matter what he does, but the Los Angeles Lakers superstar took issue with how certain reporting was framed on Monday. The King was looking out for the prince when reports came in that Bronny, a freshman guard at USC, was no longer featured in ESPN's latest 2024 NBA mock draft. Certain tweeters were quick on the uptake for LeBron's comments on the Bronny mock snub, which were deleted mere minutes after they were posted. https://twitter.com/theScore/status/1762242896009289867 To be fair to ESPN, no one in their right mind would have Bronny James being drafted this year. He's averaged only 5.5 points on shooting splits of 37.1/27.5/62.1 along with 2.8 boards and 2.5 assists per contest. It doesn't matter that LeBron has made it known that he wants to play with his son in the NBA, and that drafting Bronny could mean LeBron is part of a package deal. Bronny isn't ready for the professional level yet — and that's OK. A key piece of context here is that Bronny was only cleared to play basketball in late November. He spent months away from the sport and from training to improve his skills due to a scary cardiac arrest situation. With that type of setback, it was always going to take Bronny a little while to get his sea legs under him as his college hoops career began. Another noteworthy addition to this Bronny discourse: ESPN's lead NBA Draft analyst, Jonathan Givony, made it clear on TV today that Bronny could still be a lottery pick if he develops like many people expect him to as a USC sophomore. https://twitter.com/DraftExpress/status/1762230166254739943 Not gonna lie, I got really excited when Bronny committed to USC, and thought between him and Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Caleb Williams, the Trojans would have so much to cheer about last year into this year. Instead, USC underachieved on the gridiron in Williams' final season; Bronny has had a freshman campaign to forget on what's currently the worst team in the Pac-12. If Bronny can take more command of the Trojans next season with improve shooting, more of an attack-oriented mentality, and continue progressing as a dynamic perimeter defender, he'll be squarely on the draft radar for NBA teams in 2025. Until then, he's going to take a lot of heat for the mere fact that he is LeBron James' son. https://twitter.com/bylucaevans/status/1761593338413940854 Putting aside the harsh reality of the situation and how much attention Bronny innately attracts, I agree with what LeBron is saying on principle. Time will tell if Bronny can indeed put in the requisite work to merit being drafted to the NBA — and possibly playing alongside his dad.