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As Clutch As Bryson DeChambeau Was To Win The US Open, The Golf World Is Stunned By Rory McIlroy’s Collapse

Rory McIlroy

It's worth talking about Bryson DeChambeau from the top here, because after all, he did just win his second U.S. Open with one of the filthiest up-and-downs in the history of the sport. https://twitter.com/usopengolf/status/1802469084547678499 https://twitter.com/usopengolf/status/1802463127872634926 Bryson was scrambling his tail off all day long, so it was fitting that he did just that on the 72nd hole to secure his national championship. Even cooler? His ultimate golf role model, the late, great Payne Stewart, also had a legendary par to win the 1999 U.S. Open. Getting to pay homage to your hero? What a thrill. Never mind that Bryson was playing on Father's Day, not long after his own dad passed away in 2022. https://twitter.com/usopengolf/status/1802473388495261843 https://twitter.com/usopengolf/status/1802475492924350899 Will we remember more how Bryson won his second major title, or how Rory McIlroy blew a golden opportunity for his fifth — and first since the 2014 PGA Championship? In texting my golf-loving friends in the immediate aftermath of an absolutely stunning stretch run on Sunday, nobody was talking about the incredible, long-range birdie putts Rory made to charge up the leaderboard and eclipse Bryson for the lead. Trailing by four entering the final round, Rory was up by two strokes with four to play, and proceeded to make three bogeys coming in. Two in particular were most excruciating — especially when you have the full statistical context. https://twitter.com/usopengolf/status/1802463127872634926 https://twitter.com/usopengolf/status/1802469084547678499 https://twitter.com/WTFstats/status/1802473617655234567 https://twitter.com/JustinRayGolf/status/1802471306195067302 Heartbreak doesn't even begin to describe it. To the surprise of no one with a shred of humanity in their hearts, Rory declined a post-round interview and quickly made his way off the premises of Pinehurst No. 2. https://twitter.com/GabbyHerzig/status/1802473302138434004 NBC airing Rory's reaction to Bryson's winning putt is a borderline crime — almost more so than their insistence on deploying the "Playing Through" form of ads, or their penchant for rampant commercials during Sunday's early coverage. https://twitter.com/RMTracker/status/1802472540020920376 I get that advertising is part of the TV game, but it was kind of egregious. Let's not get too far afield from what actually happened, or detract from the incredible major championship that was the 2024 U.S. Open. Circling back to the narrative, there are several people out there who empathize with Rory and just can't believe he finds new ways to miss out on major wins. https://twitter.com/borisbarrera/status/1802472989600162058 https://twitter.com/Hunter_VB00/status/1802472880871006703 https://twitter.com/CarniceroBMW/status/1802475076631314697 The vast majority of knee-jerk reactions, though, are calling Rory's two close-range misses one of the biggest choke jobs in all of sports. https://twitter.com/JamesRWithers/status/1802472745017503798 https://twitter.com/kylerkoopman22/status/1802473111545143554 https://twitter.com/JoshM_LTFC/status/1802473195242487927 https://twitter.com/Rowe1531/status/1802474394545234068 https://twitter.com/ACald11/status/1802474393316053226 https://twitter.com/BenHigginsSD/status/1802474630760055031 https://twitter.com/CornellNFL/status/1802471244521976187 https://twitter.com/EwanMacKenna/status/1802471126624272449 My main takeaway from this re: Rory is, he'll either be almost blindingly pissed off that he'll crank his game up to the best of his career and rattle off multiple majors in rather short order. It's either that extreme, or the other extreme, which is that he'll never recover. I feel like there's no in-between. This feels like a career crossroads for Rory. He can either take all the vicious criticism head-on, use it as fuel, and emerge with the most dominant stretch of his golfing prime. I could also see how this is too devastating for even the mentally-strongest to overcome. Rory certainly has the talent. it's all about what's between the ears more so now than ever. My gut feeling as an admitted Rory fanboy for many a year? He'll rally and shut everybody up. Obviously, I'm biased. But at this point, I'm too all-in. I can't quit Rory. Not through all the other close calls, and certainly not when he's down this bad. Head up, Rory. You got this. I think.

Justin Moore Stops Show At The Country Fest In Ohio To Sing The National Anthem After USA Chant Breaks Out

Justin Moore

After spending four days in Ohio for The Country Fest, I learned a couple things: One, they love their country music. But even more than that, they love their country. There were no shortage of American flags and red, white and blue outfits all throughout the crowd and the campgrounds, and USA chants were a regular occurrence throughout the weekend. And Justin Moore loves his country just as much as those folks in the crowd, so why not take a minute to pay tribute to America along with the rowdy, patriotic bunch of fans? As Justin was getting ready to play "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home," his 2019 tribute to all of our fallen American heroes, the crowd broke out into a powerful USA chant that caught his attention - enough that he decided to stop the show: "We don't do this often, but sometimes when it's that strong we decide to do this right here, and I think it's the only thing that we could do that's anything close to appropriate." He then took off his cowboy hat and invited the crowd to join him as he performed an a capella version of the Star Spangled Banner...and of course the fans were all too happy to oblige:
@whiskeyriff Justin Moore stopped the show after a USA chant and sang the National Anthem. // whiskeyriff.com @Justin Moore #whiskeyriff #justinmoore ♬ original sound - Whiskey Riff
It was a moment that gives you chills, even on a hot day like it was in Ohio. Oh, and it also happened to be Flag Day, and the birthday of the United States Army - so what better time to pay tribute to the greatest country in the history of the world?

Shane Smith & The Saints Frontman Welcomes Baby Just In Time For Father’s Day

Shane Smith country music

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there, especially those who celebrate this holiday as first-time dads. There is no better way to announce that new life has been brought into the world than on this special holiday. The frontman for Shane Smith & the Saints shared on Instagram this evening that he has a new job other than performing for fans on stage. "Please bear with us while we onboard our newest roadie over here.  Happy Father's Day to you and yours! Mine came a few days early, and I’ve never felt more love, peace, and gratitude in my life." Smith announced that he and his wife welcomed a baby into the world, as he shared a tender photo of a tiny newborn hand wrapped around his ring finger. https://www.instagram.com/p/C8S66kKOjUG/ We wish Shane Smith the happiest of Father's Day as he embarks on this next venture, and we hope Mom is doing well. I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to hear Shane's dads experiences in his songwriting and to see Baby Smith make some appearances on the road. What a way to close out this year's Father's Day. Fire up this sweet love song that Shane Smith penned for his wife while you're here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5lUGiSXWCo

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Can’t Stand Craft Beer & It’s About Time Somebody Finally Said It

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It's about time somebody said it. Ok, I've been saying it for a while now, but obviously I don't have the reach that Dale Earnhardt Jr. does. But can we finally just admit that craft beer sucks? I mean sure, some of them are fine. But do I really have to pretend to like a beer that tastes like you're biting into the bark of a tree more than a good ol' Coors Light? Obviously craft beer is insanely popular right now, with small breweries popping up all over the place with their own craft beer made with pomegranates and rose petals or grass or whatever the hell they're making this shit with. And there ain't a damn one that's as good as a domestic light beer. Give me a Busch Light, or a Miller, or a Coors...take your pick, they all blow these craft beers out of the water. And while we as a country may not be ready to have this conversation, Dale Jr. isn't afraid to admit it: "I cannot stand craft beer... I'm the a**hole that when I go to the craft beer places that serve only the craft beers - and I know this annoys the hell out of the bartender - I'm the guy that's like, 'You got anything that's kind of like a domestic light?' They hate me. They hate that person. And you know, they probably give me something that ain't even close, cause they're like 'Screw this guy.' And I'm not ashamed." No reason to be ashamed for speaking the truth. https://twitter.com/WhiskeyRiff/status/1802389971271041313  

Darius Rucker Says Country Music Still Has A “Stigma” Of Racism: “Not The Majority Of Country Music, But It’s Still There”

Darius Rucker

Doubling down on comments he made a few years ago. Back in 2021, Darius Rucker wrote an column for The Tennessean as part of a series examining "the state of race in country music," in which he spoke about his experience as a black artist moving to Nashville. Rucker said that when he first made the jump from Hootie & The Blowfish to being a country artist, he was told by radio stations that they "didn't think it was going to work" because he was African American. Well obviously it ended up working out pretty well for him as his first country album Learn to Live ended up featuring three straight #1 singles, with "Don't Think I Don't Think About It," "It Won't Be Like This For Long," and "Alright." But despite his success and other black artists who came after him, Darius acknowledged that there was still more work to be done: "Country music has this stigma of rebel flags and racism, and that's changing. I think it's changing drastically. And I'm just glad." And two years later, Darius still feels that country music still carries that stigma. During an interview with Chris Wallace on MAX, the country singer was asked whether he still felt the same way as he did back in 2021: "It’s still around, you know, it’s still these - you still see it some places and I don’t think that’s ever going to go away. I mean, it’s still there. It’s not as prevalent as it was. It’s not the majority of country music, but it’s still there... It’s still there because it’s still in America. It’s still part of America, the American - what we know as America so yeah, pretty sure it’s still there." https://twitter.com/beyzhive/status/1802007019454439489