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Zach Bryan Says He Wants To Record A Jason Isbell Cover Album After His Record Deal Is Up

Zach Bryan Jason Isbell

We might get even more Zach Bryan music after his record deal is over than we are now. The country music superstar releases music at a faster clip than just about anybody. In 2023 we got 22 songs from Zach between his self-titled album and his Boys of Faith EP, to add to the 47 that we got in 2022 (not counting his live album, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster). So far in 2024 we've only got one new single from Zach, "Pink Skies," which was released this past week. But he also revealed that he recently finished up his next album, The Great American Bar Scene, so we can expect another 16 songs sometime soon. But it turns out Zach is already thinking about what else he wants to release in the future. In a post on Twitter, Zach revealed that he wants to release a cover album of Jason Isbell songs once his record deal is complete: https://twitter.com/zachlanebryan/status/1794165806240325781 Zach has often expressed his admiration for Isbell, calling him one of his favorite songwriters of all time: https://twitter.com/zachlanebryan/status/1304688744834822144 And Isbell will be hitting the road with Zach on his Quittin' Time tour, opening up some dates for him later this summer. Obviously we don't know how many more albums Zach has on his deal with Warner Records, but it sounds like he's not going to be in any hurry to sign another one once it's over - but that doesn't mean he won't be releasing new music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAOjeEcbZeE

Peter Malnati Breaks Down During Raw, Emotional Interview On Grayson Murray After Golfer’s Sudden Death

Peter Malnati

PGA Tour player Grayson Murray passed away on Saturday morning after withdrawing from the Charles Schwab Challenge with an illness in the second round. Peter Malnati played alongside Murray for two days of the tournament, and was gracious and courageous enough to talk to CBS about Murray once he finished playing this afternoon. Watching and listening to something this heartbreaking puts the fragility of life into stark perspective, which is the point Malnati drove home. Despite not knowing Murray well, Malnati knew enough about him to recognize his golfing talent, how he overcame personal struggles to triumph earlier this year at the Sony Open in Hawaii, and how trivial it seems to ever get upset at something golf-related in the context of such a tragedy.
"I didn't even know Grayson all that well, but I spent the last two days with him, and it's so funny...we get so worked up out here about a bad break here, or a good break there. But look...it's so competitive out here. We all want to beat each other. And then something like this happens, and you realize we're all just humans. It's just a really, really hard day. Because you look at Grayson and you see in him someone who has visibly, outwardly struggled in the past. And he's been open about it. And then you see him get his life back to a place where you feel good about things. It's just so sad."
https://twitter.com/DanLeachDTM/status/1794488518275965318 https://twitter.com/DanLeachDTM/status/1794488631391891610 In the previous piece on Murray's death was a link to an excellent Golf Monthly profile in which he opened up about his battles with alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety. That's what Malnati alludes to in the quoted passage above. There's more from Malnati about Murray's college days at Wake Forest, as he opted to tell a story about him to try to gather his composure. The Demon Deacons' coach, Jerry Haas, said that among all the gifted players he ever had — former U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson among them — he could tell after sharing only one semester with him that Murray was the most talented he'd ever coached. Given all the personal troubles Murray overcame to win as a PGA Tour rookie back in 2017, battle himself for many ensuing years, and then to reemerge as a winner in Hawaii back in January speaks volumes to Murray's gifts as a golfer as well as his mental fortitude. That win vaulted him to 46th in the world rankings, with the prime of his career ahead of him before it was tragically cut short. You really can't say enough about Malnati for stopping by to talk about Murray with everything still so fresh. It's understandable that especially after that interview, many wouldn't want the Charles Schwab Challenge to carry on. However, the PGA Tour contacted Murray's family and offered to stop play, but his family insisted that the event continue on as scheduled. What an emotional, difficult day for the sport. Great job by CBS reporter Amanda Balionis for giving Malnati space to carry out the interview, and for holding it together well enough herself for this incredibly moving piece to air. Not much else can be said but to reiterate condolences and best wishes to those closest to Murray and everyone who knew him who's hurting and grieving.

PGA Tour Player Grayson Murray, Winner Of This Year’s Sony Open In Hawaii, Passes Away Suddenly At 30

Grayson Murray

Tragic news rocked the world of professional golf on Saturday as reigning Sony Open in Hawaii champion Grayson Murray died at only 30 years old. Barstool Sports' Dan Rapaport initially reported the news, citing an email he received from another PGA Tour player. https://twitter.com/Daniel_Rapaport/status/1794443875169534341 Murray opened this week's Charles Schwab Challenge with a 2-under round of 68. He struggled through the second round and was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to an unspecified illness. No precise details about the cause of death have been reported at this time, but obviously this comes as a shock — especially given the encouraging trajectory Murray was on of late on and off the course. In a lengthy Golf Monthly feature that came out in January, Murray opened up about his struggles with alcoholism, anxiety, and depression. He claimed his first PGA Tour title at the Barbasol Championship back in 2017 as a rookie. However, Murray indicated that he would drink during tournament weeks, and said he felt "invincible" as a result of achieving instant success at golf's highest level. The aforementioned triumph in Hawaii vaulted Murray to 46th in the Official World Golf Ranking. He'd made up a ton of ground leading up to that, having dropped to 648th in early 2023. The PGA Tour and many others in the greater pro golf community sent their condolences to Murray's loved ones in the wake of his passing, including CBS golf commentators Jim Nantz and Trevor Immelman. https://twitter.com/AlexMyers3/status/1794444244960059813 https://twitter.com/Sctvman/status/1794445996430160267 https://twitter.com/ToddLewisGC/status/1794446019561726355 https://twitter.com/KylePorterCBS/status/1794445868579311766 https://twitter.com/AdamSchupak/status/1794445686622290078 As Nantz indicated on the telecast, and per the PGA Tour's statement, Murray's family wished for the tournament to continue on after the PGA Tour raised the possibility of stopping play. It had to be such a tough judgment call for everyone involved. It'll be hard to focus on golf from here on out at this event. Sending positive energy and thoughts to Murray's loved ones at this unfathomably difficult time.

Bear Gets Stuck Under Vehicle Then Takes Revenge On The Tire

Russian bear under truck

That’s one angry bear. Brown bears are some of the most notorious predators in the world. They live in some harsh environments and support their massive size by eating anything and everything they can. They are apex predators with nothing that hunts them except themselves really. Brown bears can reach incredible sizes, up near 1,000 pounds in some areas. These beasts use their size and power, along with a deadly bite and razor-sharp claws to get through the world. When a bear like this has an altercation, they can become angry easily. Most things would run away our become an easy meal when they get close. This brown bear showed the power they have when he ended up in the unfortunate situation of getting stuck under a vehicle. The bear is seen lodge under the tire as it fights to get free. It uses everything it has to pulls itself out from under the tire and as soon as it does it takes revenge. The bear gathers itself up and bits down on the tire before chasing off the onlooking vehicle. What a tough creature... that bear just took on a car... and won. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78oS2jzHpPc  

Vincent Mason Releases Debut EP ‘Can’t Just Be Me’ Right After Inking Record Deal

Vincent Mason Jr

The next name you need to know in country music. After inking a record deal with Interscope Records/UMG Nashville/Music Soup up-and-comer, Vincent Mason dropped his debut EP Can't Just Be Me.  If you aren't familiar with Mason's work, you might have heard one of his songs circulating on social media as a viral sound. With his hit song "Hell is a Dance Floor," which has over 17 million combined global streams, and "May Be," which had a viral moment on TikTok, Mason made his presence known before releasing a complete project. The EP, written and co-produced by Mason, is the perfect introduction to his dynamic sound. Throughout the six tracks, listeners will hear the highs, lows, and joys that Mason experiences in life and on his journey to find love. While he might hit a rough patch or two, his positive outlook on life makes his work easy to have on loop. The Georgia native draws heavy influence from Parker McCollum and singer/songwriter John Mayer; listeners can hear the influence clearly in his work. Through authentic storytelling, the 23-year-old crafts stories that build on his personal experiences, creating a captivating narrative throughout each song. “The creative process of making this EP has been my favorite so far. Brett Truitt is so talented and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to co-produce this alongside him. These songs sound exactly how I want them to sound.” Mason told Whiskey Riff. This is just the start for Mason, who is about to hit the road to debut these songs and more with Gavin Adcock. “I’m excited to hit the road this fall with Gavin Adcock and add songs from the new EP into the set. And we’re already working on more songs I would love to put out this summer.” These songs are a must-add to your Memorial Day weekend playlist. "Hell Is A Dance Floor"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs5e0JNabos "Can't Just Be Me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaYuM_2MnGc "May Be"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8fWFtO872M